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Meet the Team

Zeev Braude

​Hi Tech Veteran

Aviv Abecasis

Product Lead

Nir Avidan

Marketing & Sales

Anatoly Rotman

Software Engineer

Eli Smargon

Software Engineer

Erez Lahav

Business Advisor

Patrick Simon Bouaziz

Business Development

Yair Geva


We know commerce, We serve commerce, We love commerce people!

This task force owns a combined 30 years of experience in the POS industry, Advertising Firms & Software Development.

Evolution of Advertising

It all started with Sellers looking to reach as many Buyers as they can.


​When the internet came suddenly Buyers started looking for Sellers.

Then social networks arrived and once again Sellers was looking for Buyers,

only now for specific groups of Buyers.

Today’s Technology enables Online Sellers to reach specific Buyers who reacted with the Seller at some point and reach them with personalized ad content,

this is called behavioral retargeting.

And everybody assumed behavioral retargeting was the end of the road

and may the best algorithm win.

Cleap will be the next generation of advertising technology.

The Playground

& this is how we connect your store assets to online advertising platforms.

Our advanced  algorithms will connect your offline customers with an online personalized engagement in the best possible timing with the best available content while measuring conversion in real-time.

Our Story

We give tools to physical store owners who seek to engage with their customers. We give them key advertising metrics they should be tracking. We give them growth.

Investing in Your Future

It is well known that physical commerce is the lion share of the commerce sector, so why they are advertising only 10% of what their e-commerce online fellows.

Cleap is even challenging cutting edge E-Commerce advertising tools with it's “Selective Targeting” based on autonomous big data audience sharing.

Want to hear more about our roadmap to becoming a key player in the global advertising industry?

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