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Cleap Stores. Auotomate all your store marketing in less than 5 minutes.

Cleap Receipts. Get all your purchases in one simple app.

We believe everyone should have access to top tier advertising technology. No one should be left out because the cost is too great or the technology too complex. We make advertising easy to empower and enrich commerce people by building tools that shorten the distance between having clients and communicating with them while improving the content experience of the consumer by showing him products and services he actually needs on a regular basis.


Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

Make a Difference Today 

Free Business Toolkit

Communicate with your customers while they are in your store.

Our Services. Made for You. 

Your store's success is our goal.

1st step is to improve your communication with your customer while he is in the store.


2nd step is communicating with past customers & new customers currently away from your store.

Cleap Cloud

Get matched with non-customers consumers.

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