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Cleap is a beautiful expression to Equality of Opportunity

We make advertising easy so no one would be left out because the cost is too great or the technology too complex.

Nir Avidan


Happy Customers

What they're saying

What would we do without Cleap? To see where we are at, and our potential where we will be with the product, it’s really been an amazing experience.

Now that all our relationship with our customers is being automated, we have more time to focus on creating exceptional hummus.

Gal Oksenberg

Hummus Bengal

Connecting with our clients was an impossible task before Cleap. Today not only we communicate with our clients but we get measures as well.

Orian Avidan

Boulangerie 96

Get to Know Us

We believe everyone should have access to top tier advertising technology. No one should be left out because the cost is too great or the technology too complex. We make advertising easy to empower and enrich commerce people by building tools that shorten the distance between having clients and communicating with them while improving the content experience of the consumer by showing him products and services he actually needs on a regular basis.

Clean Tech


worldwide there is 161M Receipts Printers.


every day 1.6M trees is cut down for paper receipts.


if we strech them together we could get to the moon, 18 times.


eventually 100% of paper receipts goes to waste.


cleap gives free digital receipts to everyone & forever.

Let’s talk about Numbers:


avg return on ad spend from new non-customers channels


avg return on ad spend from returning customers channels


of ads deliverd to clients by store owners through our platform


​retention improvement measured over 60 days time period 


satisfaction rate from business owners using cleap stores app


of free digital receipts sent to consumers worldwide

Meet your Potential

Cleap will integrate your store assets to top advertising platforms so you could start reaching your customers while informing you with a detailed ROI. everything is very simple and smooth so you won't need to worry about your online presence.

Services We Provide

Accesible Platform

Our solution is syncing all your assets, Clients from your POS or online store & Media Content from Social page with Advertising Platforms in less than 5 minutes!

Affordable Advertising

Our app will reach your past consumers and match them with the perfect ad, just for their needs and exactly in the right time, This way your budget is focused and profitable.

Attract Newcomers

If you don't have enough customers or even just want to grow your community our algorithm will match you with non-customers that are likely to want what you are selling.

Connecting Clients

It doesn't matter what type of store, if you have recurring customers, cleap can help you automate all their interaction with your service / store / prouct.

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