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Cleap is a beautiful expression to Equality of Opportunity

We make advertising easy so no one would be left out because the cost is too great or the technology too complex.

Aviv Abecasis

Product Manager

Happy Customers

What they're saying

This is the first time we can examine the results of all marketing campaigns beyond the fact that we have improved all our social media metrics in a short time.

Now that our entire relationship with our customers is much tighter naturally, we have more time to focus on creating exceptional Hummus every day.

Gal Oksenberg

Hummus Bengal

Contacting our customers has been an impossible task before. Today not only do we Cleap communicate with customers but it is also done automatically and quality

Orian Avidan

Boulangerie 96

The best part is being able to deliver promotions directly to our customers and see the responses in real time and tailor the promotions to the audience

Alon Ifergan

Etikol Market

Clean Tech


worldwide there is 161M Receipts Printers.


every day 1.6M trees is cut down for paper receipts.


if we strech them together we could get to the moon, 18 times.


eventually 100% of paper receipts goes to waste.


cleap gives free digital receipts to everyone & forever.

Meet your Potential

Cleap will integrate your store assets to top advertising platforms so you could start reaching your customers while informing you with a detailed ROI. everything is very simple and smooth so you won't need to worry about your online presence.

Services We Provide

Targeted Ads

Cleap centralizes all web content and customers for you in one place and uses advanced technologies for real-time marketing decisions & links to leading advertising platforms.

Automated Loyalty

A dedicated algorithm performs your customer mapping and ads operations throughout web in full automation. With the help of a deep learning mechanism the algorithm improves its performance according to the conversion

Attract Newcomers

The system will create a defined audience for you with the greatest potential for conversion, deliver them ads and with the help of the AB testing strategy. Increase the store's customer base in a measurable and continuous manner

Affordable Advertising

The transparent pricing model of the service is aligned with our various customers, payment for the service is based on the size of the target audience and the frequency of actual advertisements.

Let’s talk about Numbers:


avg return on ad spend from new non-customers channels


avg return on ad spend from returning customers channels


of ads deliverd to clients by store owners through our platform


retention improvement measured over 60 days time period 


satisfaction rate from business owners using cleap stores app


of free digital receipts sent to consumers worldwide

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